New sneaker of Off-White x Nike is exposed! This sneaker is especially popular this year!

It is believed that the Instagram of Virgil Abloh, the chief manager of Off-White is still remembered clearly.

From then, there are various guesses about Off-White and NIKE in the sneaker field. The official hasn’t confirmed if their cooperation continues or stopps.

Early today, the well-known sneaker exposing account @py_rates posted a news that surprised the while sneaker field.

Off-White will cooperate with Nike to design new sneakers. This time, they choose Nike SB Dunk Low, which is quite similar to us.

As is known, since the continuous sales of Dunk SB series, it has come back to the view of people. However, it is a pity that there is no excellent colored version released in recent months.

But when this new came out, people believed that Nike SB Dunk is coming back again.

It is interesting that Virgil Abloh has shown several times of the Dunk he wears. Isn’t it indicating something?

According to the latest news, Off-White x Nike SB Dunk Low will come in October this year.

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